Samsung Sells More Than 500,000 3DTVs

Much of the content consuming community has generally looked at 3D displays as nothing more than a gimmick that will soon go the way of the Betamax or HD DVD mediums. However, thankt to hard hitting 3D movies such as James Cameron’s Avatar, more and more consumers are making the swtich to a 3DTV in hopes of being able to watch their favorite movies in all of their glory.

Still have your doubts about 3DTVs? Well, Samsung has recently come forth today to give their 2 cents on the matter saying that they have managed to sell 500,000 3DTVs already.

This is quite the amazing feat considering Samsung only just introduced 3DTVs back in March.

Do you have a 3DTV? If not, do you ever plan on getting one?

via 3d-display-info