Samsung SE-W164C DVD writer


Samsung has recently come up with this new external DVD writer which can write with very good quality. The write performance on DVD+R makes the SE-W164C as one of the best ever external DVD burners at present available, with 16x burns constantly around the 5 minutes 35 seconds mark also with an impressive 6 minutes 10 seconds at 12x write speed.CD-R write class is also brilliant with this writer Samsung SE-W164C. The Samsung SE-W164C was also impressive as has also got good DVD media compatibility. The complete software package is also good, and must offer the learner and the more advanced user with the essential tools to write DVD and CD recordable media.

SAMSUNG also invents technologies to plan e-co products, which exclude injurious materials to human body, such as Pb, Cd, Cr+6, Hg, PBBs and PBDE for the guard of human fitness and the environment. In addition to all this the DVD writer is capable to write on double layer DVD, which comprise of 2 writable layers which means you have capacity to write up to 8.5GB. The DVD writer automatically upgrades the most recent firmware edition through Internet by sustained support of newer media. Now we have no clue about the pricing and availability of this DVD writer as Samsung has not yet announced it. So, all those who want to buy one needs to have some patience and wait till our next updation.

Via: Samsung