Samsung SBB-DT DTV Set Back Box

For SAMSUNG Professional LCD Displays. Samsung has unveiled the new SBB-DT DTV Set Back Box for its professional LCD displays. Use this set back box to add digital television capability in your LCD displays. Providing you with an option to add analog and digital tuners with just a single accessory, this set back box is truly an innovation.

Samsung SBB-DT DTV Set Back Box is an easy to install and use device that can be upgraded with a DTV tuner. It is compatible with various plasma displays that have already been launched by Samsung. Get updated with stock news, weather reports and flight schedules and much more using this set back box.

Measuring 6.1 x 3.74 x 1.85” in dimensions, the newly launched Samsung SBB-DT DTV Set Back Box is worth its price. This one is an energy saver product that consumes just 5V of power supply.

Via: Samsung