Samsung R87 Series


Today Samsung announced it’s another latest and amazing Series of LCD TVs. Samsung R87 Series is more stylish with added functionality. This is in succession to Samsung’s popular R74 Series announced last year. Cutting edge design is the benchmark of new R87 series. Punctilious attention to detail with curves smoother than before and hidden speakers all housed in glossy black piano black body, is what characterizes the Samsung R87 and makes it distinguished from its predecessors and competitive models in contemporary era.

Rob Shaw, Product Manager, Samsung says: “Last years R74 LCD range was such a success that we have improved this further with the R87 and made the model more stylish and functional than ever. We have a great reputation for having TVs that are stylish and modern, and the R87 is the perfect example of how we can take this to the next level. Everyone now can feel proud to own such a beautifully designed TV.”

Minimalist design suits virtually any room setting. Further talking about the functionality, the beautiful TV delivers an amazing viewing and acoustic experience that you won’t feel like leaving the couch. The models in the series offer something or other for every interest group. For instance Movie Plus, additional HD connectivity for home theater enthusiasts and game mode for the extreme gamer. The R87 can be purchased from Argos, JLP and other high street retailers in the following sizes: 23″, 26″, 32″, 37″, 40″, in black and 23″, 32″ & 40″ in white.