Samsung PN64D7000 Plasma Television Review-Breathtaking In Every Respect

Samsung is increasingly one of the first places I look to when looking for a quality plasma television, and that’s exactly why today I’m looking to do a new plasma television review on the Samsung PN64D7000, a substantial and impressive new piece of plasma television that only just showed up recently on shelves.

The Samsung PN64D7000 is a sixty four inch 1080p plasma television that offers 3D capability (once you get all the necessary components together), as well as a 600 Hz refresh rate, the Plus One design that results in an unusually sized frame, ConnectShare Movie for easy access to your thumb drives and digital cameras, two ten watt speakers backed up by SRS TheaterSound technology, built-in wi-fi, four HDMI ports, two component video inputs, two component audio inputs, a PC input, a USB port, and a PC audio input.

It’s a truly impressive system, this is. The picture covers the waterfront in terms of nice things to say about it–it’s huge, it’s clear, it’s sharp and when you add them all together it’s downright breathtaking. The sound is also pretty impressive thanks to the SRS augmentation on what would otherwise be pretty much bog-standard speakers. There are plenty of connections here for all your gear, and even built-in wi-fi to make streaming video even simpler than normal.

And of course, when you check out the price tag on one of these numbers, you’re likely not going to be too surprised that a huge plasma television with fantastic sound is going for a fat pile of money. It’s currently selling for around $3060 at three different stores I could find.

So if you don’t mind shelling out a lot of cash for a really impressive piece of plasma television that will do most any home theater job you could ask for, well, you’ve got everything you need and then some right here. The Samsung PN64D7000 will handle your home theater needs handily and without issue.