Samsung PN63C8000YF Television Review-Excellence Youll Pay Through the Nose For

You remember how, just a couple weeks ago, I was telling you about the amazing pricey grandeur of the Panasonic TC-P65V10?

You remember how I told you how incredible it was, even if it wasn’t the greatest value?  Well, I’ve got a competitor for that banner today–the Samsung PN63C8000YF.

The Samsung PN63C8000YF is a sixty three inch 1080p plasma television that offers internet connectivity with access to Blockbuster Online and YouTube, 3D capability with the right components added to it, two fifteen watt speakers with SRS TruSurround, ConnectShare Movie for easy access to thumb drives and digital cameras, the BD Wise systems that automatically adjust components for quality, a USB port, and four HDMI inputs.

A sixty three inch 1080p plasma is nothing to scoff at picture-wise, folks, and the SRS TruSurround coming out of fifteen watt speakers is pretty well close to spectacular.  Though it does come up short against that Panasonic with its twenty watt speakers, it’s still pretty astounding in its own right.  Of course, anyone with older components gets short shrift here unless they’re willing to get a receiver with some more options, but still, there’s more than enough to like here…until you check out the price tag.

This thing is pretty amazing, sure enough, but so is the price tag.  At a whopping thirty eight hundred dollars at Best Buy, it’s not going to be something you’ll want to walk into if the budget is a consideration.  But if you’re not worried about price, then the Samsung PN63C8000YF will do most everything you could want it to do.