Samsung PN63C550G1F Television Review-Looks Better Than It Works

Sometimes you get a look at some of these big new plasma televisions, and they look like they’re just going to blow your mind wide open.  And then you start looking a bit closer and you discover that they’re nowhere near the incredible thing you were expecting when you first saw them.  The Samsung PN63C550G1F, today’s review target, is one of these, and the feeling you get when you look at this closely is just one of incredible hollowness.

The Samsung PN63C550G1F is a sixty three inch 1080p plasma television that offers four HDMI inputs, one PC input, and ConnectShare movie capability.

See what I mean?  Granted, if you were to look at the huge sixty three inch 1080p wonder that is this thing, and hear the admittedly rather nice sound issuing forth from it, you’d think this was a really, really nice system.  But if you were to actually BUY one, you’d discover there was NO room at all for your older hardware.  You’d discover that many of the features you’d come to expect, like antiglare technology and game modes to reduce blurring, aren’t here at all.

You’d discover that you dropped twenty five hundred bucks on a really nice looking system that won’t do half of what other, less expensive systems will.

And it’s that kind of discovery that keeps me from recommending Samsung’s PN63C550G1F–it looks fantastic, it sounds nice, but it just doesn’t have the utility, or the value, that other systems do.