Samsung PN58B560 Television Review-Nice For the Price

And now, we end the week on a sad note–yes, we’re talking about another plasma television that costs more that a thousand bucks. I’m sorry, that’s just how it has to be. But you’ll be pretty well pleased with it all the same, because today we’re talking about the Samsung PN58B560.

The Samsung PN58B560 is a fifty eight inch 1080p plasma television that offers a green design with lead-free components, E-Panel technology with FilterBright to reduct glare, Anynet+ technology, two ten watt speakers with surround sound and Dolby Digital decoders as well as SRS TruSurround, four HDMI ports, one composite video input, one PC input, two component video inputs, three audio inputs, one audio output, one digital audio output,  and one USB port.

As is generally the case with Samsung televisions, the video quality on this one is actually really good, as is the sound quality, especially with that SRS TruSurround backing. The controls are a little shaky, but I’m steadily getting used to them. And even better, this television will play almost equally well with your old and your new technology alike.  That combination never fails to make me enthusiastic, and thus, I’m very happy with this one.

Though as is often the case with really nice hardware, you’ll pay for it. The folks out at Amazon are asking a whopping 1222.88 for the Samsung PN58B560, which is a fair price for what you get, really, but it’s still a pretty high price in the absolute.

So if you’re looking for a new plasma television, you’ll likely want a look at the Samsung PN58B560, a television that might ask a lot of your wallet, but will be pretty easy on your eyes and your ears.