Samsung PN50C550G1F Television Review-Great With The Right Gear

Ah, Samsung plasma televisions…I’ve seen a great many of them, and most of them do a pretty nice job.  Sometimes they’re a bit overpriced and sometimes they don’t perform as well as I’d like, but I’ve got plenty of reason to be happy about the Samsung PN50C550G1F plasma television.

The Samsung PN50C550G1F is a fifty inch 1080p plasma television that offers the single filter design and FilterBright antiglare systems, two ten watt speakers with SRS TruSurround augmentation, four HDMI inputs, one PC input, game mode, ConnectShare technology, and Anynet+.

Again, this is one of those televisions that might well make a great hub for a thoroughly updated home theater setup.  Four HDMI ports is a lot of expansion room, and with the PC input capability you can go to the home theater PC route without much trouble at all.  A fifty inch plasma monitor is a pretty hot idea under most any circumstances.  But if you’re working with older gear, especially with a lot of component or composite inputs, you’re going to be out of luck here.

Still though, the picture is amazing and the sound is pretty nice too (that TruSurround gets me every time), and the price isn’t half bad either, especially for a Samsung.  It’s currently going for a thousand seventy bucks, so if you’re in the market for a new plasma, and you’ve got the gear to go with it, the Samsung PN50C550G1F is a pretty good model to have a look at.