Samsung PN50B430 Television Review-A Surprisingly Good Samsung

It’s not every day I’m completely happy with a Samsung system.  in fact, most of the time, I’m either unhappy with the control scheme or the price.  But it’s a pretty rare occasion when I’m happy with every part of a Samsung.  And the Samsung PN50B430 will deliver that happiness.

The Samsung PN50B420 is a fifty inch 1080p LCD television with optional game mode, TruSurround HD for sound augmentation and three HDMI ports.

Like I said, I’m mostly loving this television.  It’s got a great picture, great sound and even the controls are side mounted, a relative rarity for the Samsung lineup.  And even the price is a not exactly wallet busting seven hundred fifty bucks.  That’s good by any stretch.

And when you bring together all those features, the only thing you can really say about the Samsung PN50B430 is that it’s a solid system at an excellent price.