Samsung PN42C450B1D Television Review-Lesser Entry Level Plasma

So we just talked about an entry-level Panasonic plasma, but here’s another option for you, if you’re looking to get started in plasma.  About a month or so ago, we introduced the Samsung PN42C450B1D, and now I’m tackling it for you today.  What was my take on this monster?  Read on.

The Samsung PN42C450B1D is a forty two inch 720p plasma television that offers two ten watt speakers, three HDMI inputs with AnyNet Plus capability, a PC input, a USB port, ConnectShare for your thumb drives and digital cameras that allows you to display your videos, photos and music directly to the television, and a game mode to speed up image processing and prevent blurring.

There are inherent limitations in this one, just by virtue of its tech package.  720p is, inherently, inferior to 1080p.  Two ten watt speakers can only put out so much sound.  But that having been said, Samsung is not in the habit of putting out less than quality product.  For a 720p with two ten watt speakers, it looks and sounds fairly decent.  I spotted some artifacting here, but that’s to be expected at this lower resolution.  And there’s also a serious problem here in terms of input.  No composite, no component, no PC–that leaves out at LOT of equipment.

So why would you deliberately buy a clearly limited model?  How’s about a price tag of five hundred and forty bucks at Best Buy sound for a reason?  However, it can’t compete against the Panasonic TC-P42C2 for sheer utility, even if by itself it’s a pretty nice model.

If you want entry level plasma, you can do better than the Samsung PN42C450B1D, but the flaws in this Samsung can be overlooked in light of the value offered.