Samsung PN-B550 Plasma TV

Before you go on and conclude that Plasma TVs are sucking too much energy and add to your energy bill woes, hold on for a minute. One thing about new technology is the green aspect of trying to make them better and economical. And for Samsung, their PN B550 Plasma TV claims to consume nearly 50 percent less energy compared to previous releases.

So before you turn around, check out what the Samsung PN B550 Plasma has to offer. Among the features that it comes with include that of:

• Slim design, around an inch thick
• Nearly 50 percent less energy consumption compared to past models
• Ultra FilterBright antiglare screen
• Real Movie (24fps mode)
• Real 600Hz processing
• Energy Star 3.0 compatible
• 50-, 58-, and 63-inch models
• Available in first half of 2009