Samsung planning to mass produce transparent 22-inch LCD panels

We always seem to have reviews of the latest from Samsung like the Samsung LN40C530 LCD Television and the Samsung LN46C600 LCD Television.

Now, Samsung is planning on releasing a lot of interesting transparent LCD panels, and it is saying that they are “the first manufacturer to produce transparent monitors on a huge scale”.

Yes, these are see-through screens that don’t have a backlight, and it has a ninety percent less electricity than any traditional display. The company plans on doing LCD panels in black-and-white and in color. They are believed to have a resolution of 1680 x 1050 with a contrast ratio of 500:1, and with HDMI and USB ports.

Now, do we know the price of these particular things? No, we do not. I’m not certain whether or not the average consumer really wants a transparent screen, but I suppose they could be used as displays for advertising at stores, or something of that type.