Samsung Open Blu-Ray Resource Center

In a move that is expected to make life easier for people who are adjusting to blu-ray technology, Samsung has opened its own blu-ray resource center to accommodate and assist people in their blu-ray issues and needs.

Similar to new technology inaugurations, questions surrounding how to operate or troubleshoot new devices are common. Samsung has just made life easier for the new batch of Samsung blu-ray owners.

The Blu-ray Resource Center will offer all current and future Samsung Blu-ray consumers an easy-to-navigate online resource featuring helpful FAQs, new product and firmware introductions from Samsung, as well as the opportunity to chat live with a Samsung Blu-ray support specialist. In addition, Samsung will introduce a new Weekly Topic on the site to provide Samsung’s perspective on current Blu-ray product issues and to further educate consumers on the advantages of Blu-ray.

So if you have some questions in mind, you can just go to their company website for assistance. Here is the Samsung Blu-Ray Resource Center link.

(Source) Samsung