Samsung LNT4069 LCD HDTV

Putting the new Samsung LNT4069 40” LCD HDTV in your living room simulates the experience you have in movie theaters. Ideal for TV and movie enthusiasts who prefer reasonably priced big screen and feature-rich HDTV.

It features an Auto Motion Plus video processing technology which eliminates motion blurs particularly if you’re watching fast-paced or action-packed movies or TV programs.

Moreover, it has 3 HDMI inputs – 1 on side and 2 rear – to hook up all your other gadgets like HD DVD player, Blu-ray DVD player, PlayStation 3, HD Cable boxes, or Xbox 360. To access all your devices compatible with CEC in just one remote control, Samsung LNT4069 is equipped with HDMI-CEC.

From list price of $2,200 in, you can now save 32% or $700 because its new price is $1,500.

Via HDTV News