Samsung LN65B650 Television Review-Awe and Majesty

Once again, Samsung displays a mastery of superfluity in televisions by bringing us the ungodly huge Samsung LN65B650, a television of such awe and majesty that even reading about it will likely be dangerous if you have a heart condition.

The Samsung LN65B650, you see, is a sixty five inch 1080p LCD television with Wide Color Enhancer and Ultra Clear Panel to boost the already substantial contrast (a hundred thousand to one contrast ratio!).  It also offers two fifteen-watt speakers with SRS TruSurround HD, internet connectivity, four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, two composite video inputs, Ethernet port (to get that internet connectivity), PC input (use it as a monitor, too!) and one optical audio output.

You can clearly see that this thing’s got a LOT going for it.  It’s huge, spectacularly clear, the audio and video both seem terrific.  It’s got enough ports and inputs to serve as a hub in most any system you’ve got in mind.

But the down side to this is its price tag.  Over at Best Buy, they’ve got a sale going on this beauty.  Marked down almost twenty percent!

…to five thousand dollars.

Yeah, five thousand dollars.  Oh, sure, you’re going to get a huge television that’s got enough inputs to tackle most anything, a huge television that looks and sounds spectacular, but you’re going to pay through the nose for it.

So if you’ve got the stomach to spend five grand on a television, spare a thought for the Samsung LN65B650, the massive and downright amazing system.