Samsung LN52B550K1F Television Review-Another Good One From Samsung

It’s not often I can give a relatively unrestrained set of praises for Samsung televisions–usually there’s something wrong with the picture or the sound, and usually I have the minor complaint of the Samsung’s unusual control scheme to contend with. But today, I’ve got mostly good things to say about the Samsung LN52B550K1F.

The Samsung LN52B550K1F is a fifty two inch 1080p LCD television with one USB port, four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, two composite inputs, one PC input, one audio input, two bottom-mounted speakers, simulated surround and a V-chip.

This model has a terrific picture and nice sound, even if the controls are those horrible touch models that I’ve never really liked.  Is it so hard to put some visible toggles in play?  I don’t really think it gets in the way that much, and it reduces the learning curve for people who’ve never used a Samsung before.

But this is a minor complaint by any standard, and thus, the Samsung LN52B550K1F, which you can get for just eleven hundred fifty bucks at Best Buy, is a solid enough model at a really good price.