Samsung LN52B530 Television Review-A Rare and Impressive Treat

This represents a great surprise for me, as well as an opportunity to actually say something nice, without qualification or reservation, about a Samsung set.  Believe me, I’m stunned too.

Today we’re talking about the best Samsung television I’ve found to talk about yet, the Samsung LN52B530.  The Samsung LN52B530 is a fifty two inch 1080p LCD television, with different visual modes including a game mode to cut down on blurring while playing games, a built in digital tuner, and a whole series of ports, including three HDMI inputs, a PC input, and something called an Anynet+ input, which frankly I have never seen before.

This is the part where, normally, I would complain about Samsung’s ridiculous subcutaneous control model, but not today.  See, they’ve FINALLY figured out that you can put controls for a TV on the SIDE of the TV, and make them into visible rocker switches.  Yes, the hard to find front panel controls are gone on this model, replaced with fairly standard rocker switches.  The picture and sound are also excellent, so there’s really not much bad to say about this television that I can find.

Well, maybe the price–eighteen hundred bucks retail IS pretty huge in terms of price–but considering the quality of this setup, it’s actually pretty fair.