Samsung LN52A860 TV Review-Huge, Beautiful, Flawed

Samsung appears to be bound and determined to irritate holy hell out of me at every given opportunity by presenting me with truly magnificent television systems that have no way to control them except through the remote.    Such will be the case with the Samsung LN52A860,  another in a long line of impressive Samsung products there will be little more than expensive paperweights should something go wrong with the remote.

This particular paperweight of the future is a fifty-two inch LCD TV broadcasting in 1080p, and comes with three HDMI inputs, and the Touch of Color system.

It had better be beautiful, considering that these things retail for well over sixteen hundred dollars.  I found one used on Amazon for sixteen hundred fifty.  And yes, it will be as beautiful as it claims to be, and probably as beautiful as you could hope for.  Now, if only they could fix that small and all too ludicrous problem of not bothering to offer an alternate control scheme.  I don’t know why they don’t do it– all I know is that they don’t, and it drives me insane.

Regardless, if you’re willing to drop a whole lot of money on an LCD TV, then the Samsung LN52A860 is all the LCD TV you could ever need.  At least until something better comes along.