Samsung LN4B5750 Television Review-A Strange Entry In The Market

Samsung is a strange line of television–seems like for every problem I have, I find something interesting to counter it.  And this model is no different in its study of contrasts.  Today we’re talking about the Samsung LN4B5750, a television that shows that you generally can’t have everything.

The Samsung LN4B5750 is a forty six inch 1080P LCD television that comes with four HDMI ports, two component jacks, one PC input slot, and two composite video inputs; two ten watt bottom speakers and SRS TruSurround HD for that little extra burst of surround sound joy.

And the sound is, doubtlessly, the very best feature on this television.  It’s very clear and very precise.  But there’s a strange anomaly, at least with the one I saw, that left me unable to get a lot of enjoyment out of this television.  The picture is oddly compressed.  I’m not sure what the deal was or why I was watching a flattened, vaguely squashed picture, but man, it did NOT bode well.

Maybe with some tweaks the problem can be taken care of, but until those tweaks are made, if you do get the Samsung LN4B5750, I’d keep the receipt handy.