Samsung LN40B640 Television Review-More Flawed Than Normal

I’ve made no secret about my general loathing for Samsung’s baffling video control scheme.  And today, while talking about the Samsung LN40B640, I’m going to run into a whole new set of problems.

The Samsung LN40B640 is a forty inch 1080p LCD TV with four HDMI ports, two component jacks, two composite input jacks, one PC input, two USB ports, one Ethernet port, and one optical digital audio output.  For those of you who think that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s approximately the same as the Samsung LN40B550, except the 640 costs a bit more (thirteen hundred retail, nine hundred sixty nine with Amazon), comes with an Ethernet port, and has one other extra feature.

Tinny sound.

I don’t know what it was this time, but listening to the LN40B640 set my teeth on edge.  The sound had this strange tinny reverb coming out of its speakers.  Sure, the picture was beautiful–it usually is–and the controls were just as confounding as ever, but the sound on this one was just badly off.  Or at least the one I heard was.

So there’s really no way I can recommend this particular model of Samsung, which is not only pricier but also of lower quality than the one just below it.