Samsung LN40B630 Television Review-One Of Samsungs Worst

I don’t say the above lightly, folks.  If you’ve been reading my review pieces here for any length of time you know from experience that I usually only have one problem with Samsung, and that’s its preposterous control scheme by which you press touch-sensitive sections of the television’s front panel that aren’t labeled very clearly at all–so not clearly, in fact, that for a while I was convinced they didn’t exist at all.  But the Samsung LN40B630 has a whole lot more problem than most any other Samsung I’ve encountered.

The Samsung LN40B630 is a forty inch 1080p LCD television with picture in picture, game mode, and a variety of inputs including four HDMI inputs, two component inputs, one composite input, one PC input, two USB ports, one Ethernet port, and one optical digital audio output.

And it sounds great, until you discover like I did that the picture is intolerably fuzzy for something that purports to be 1080p, the sound quality is merely fair and once again the controls are horrendous.  There’s actually very little good about this model, and frankly, I’m amazed.  Did I just get the dog in the bunch?  Or is this model really as bad as it seems?

But regardless, that’s the experience I had with the Samsung LN40B630, and on the strength of that, I can’t recommend this one.