Samsung LN37B550 Television Review-Nice But With Problems

The Samsung line of televisions has proven to be a serious mixed bag.  It seems like every time I find one, there’s something new and different wrong with it.  The Samsung LN37B550 will prove no exception to this unusual rule.

The Samsung LN37B550 is a thirty seven inch 1080p LCD TV with wide color enhancer, game mode for better frame rate, four HDMI ports, two component jacks, one composite jack, one PC input, one USB port, and one optical digital audio output.

Now, while I have my usual discomfiture with the controls on these things, now that I actually  managed to FIND them, I have no issue with the picture quality on this one, which is downright beautiful.  The picture on most Samsungs is a thing of beauty–I say most, of course, because there are the occasional exceptions.  But the problem with this one was the sound quality.  It came off tinny and weak at even fairly normal volumes.

Of course, this isn’t an issue if you hook it to a larger home theater setup, but by itself, it’s a bit of a problem.  The Samsung LN37B550 is a standard example of a Samsung–they look great, but they don’t come without some flaw or another that you may be able to overlook.  And for the asking price of seven hundred eighty four bucks, I guess there’s room here to overlook a few troubles.