Samsung LN37B530 Television Review-A Minimum of Flaws

Most of the time, whenever I review a Samsung, I wind up sighing and shaking my head because I have a pretty good idea going in how the end review will end up.  I know I’ll probably be happy about the clear picture and the great sound, but hate the controls.  And today’s review target, the Samsung LN37B530, will prove to be no exception.

The Samsung LN37B530 is a thirty seven inch 1080p LCD television with two ten watt speakers, three HDMI inputs, one Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) input, and one PC input.

And the worst part is, exactly what I expected came to pass.  The picture and sound on this one really are great.  They compare nicely and favorably to the similar LN37B550. And yes, I still hate that ridiculous subcutaneous control scheme on most every Samsung that comes down the pike.  It annoys me to no end.

But, especially considering that the Samsung LN37B530 is available for just over six hundred bucks on Amazon (always, depending on where you shop), it’s a flaw that’s easily overlooked in favor of a great value.