Samsung LN32B640 Television Review-Overpriced Mayhem

This is the second Samsung that I’ve talked about, in as many days, that seems to suffer from some kind of egomania or some such problem, because it just asks way too much for what you get.  Today I’m talking about the Samsung LN32B640, and I’m not happy.

The Samsung LN32B640 is a thirty two inch 1080p LCD television with two ten watt speakers, Auto Motion Plus to reduce blurring in action scenes and video games, SRS TruSurround, USB port, PC input, four HDMI inputs, two component inputs, and two composite inputs.

This is all fine and well, of course–looking at the spec sheet suggests that it’s got room for most of your peripherals with little or no difficulty.  And indeed, four HDMI ports is unusually high for a thirty two inch LCD.  And it’s not every day I see a 1080p thirty two inch.  But considering that Samsung’s expecting you to fork over seven hundred and fifty bucks for it, I can’t help but think that they’re pushing their price point a little hard on this score.

Admittedly, this is a good television, but when you look at the whole picture, it’s not hard to imagine that you can do better.