Samsung LN32B530P7F Television Review-Few Complaints Here

Ah, Samsung. It’s time for you and me to go around once again with a review of the Samsung LN32B530P7F.  But this time around, I won’t go very hard on you because you’ve managed to provide a decent entrant into the LCD television stakes.

The Samsung LN32B530P7F is a thirty two inch 1080p LCD television that features an SRS TruSurround system, two built-in ten watt speakers, Wide Color Enhancer 2 technology, one PC input, one optical sound input, AnyNet Plus functionality, one component video input, two composite inputs, and three HDMI inputs.

Now, as is generally the standard with Samsung, both the video and the audio come through clear and nicely done, if not necessarily the best I’ve seen or heard, respectively.  And that’s all right–that’s par for the course.  But where this one actually wins a note of respect from me is the utility involved.  Component and composite jacks, great if you’ve got older, simpler hardware.  Three HDMI, great if you’ve got slightly more up to date hardware.  A PC input, great if you’re planning to go the home theater PC route.

And all of this utility can be had for six hundred bucks, which is a pretty good price for the normally cash-heavy Samsung line.

So if you’re in the market for a new TV that could stand as the hub of a whole system, then you may want to take a second look at the Samsung LN32B530P7F.