Samsung LN32B360 Television Review-A Good Overall System

It’s not every day I have cause to say nothing but nice things about a Samsung.  Usually I have some problem with a Samsung. The picture might be wonky or the sound might be a little off, and of course there’s those horrible controls, but today, I’ve got a rare treat–a Samsung unaffected by negative commentary.

The Samsung LN32B360 is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television with a game mode, two HDMI inputs, one component inputs, a PC input, and one composite video input.

From what I could tell there’s literally nothing wrong with this television.  It’s got a nice quality picture to it–not as nice as some but nice nonetheless.  The sound quality is also good, even if not as good as some.  And the controls are even side mounted for simplicity and ease of access.  And considering the price–four hundred and forty bucks on Amazon–this is definitely a great model if you’re looking for a new television for your home theater.