Samsung LE32A558P3 LCD TV

Samsung unveils another LCD TV option with the Samsung LE32A558P3 LCD TV. The overall body of the LE32A558P3 LCD TV personifies class and style. It not only is classy a model but is also reasonably priced at around ?570 and comes bundled with some excellent features.

The Samsung LCD TV has all the controls fitted neatly on to the side of the screen along with connectivity outputs and inputs at the rear of the TV. The different connectivity options include a USB port, a PC input, 3 HDMI ports and an S-Video input. The Samsung LE32A558 has all the features that the average consumer would need in a LCD TV.

It features Full HD (High definition) resolution of “1920?1080” and to ensure that the set will give you a perfect image the TV comes with a contrast ratio of “15,000:1”. The image quality for this Samsung LCD television is also a result of the Movie Plus technology and Samsung’s DNIe which goes further to provide excellent image quality, reduced judder and helps to boost sharpness, vibrancy and colours in the image.

Unlike the majority of other current LCD TVs, the Samsung LE32A558P3 has an option for those who wish to manually tune the TV if you don’t trust the auto-tuning feature. Overall this model offers good quality, high definition images and performs with smooth, clear and judder free images during fast motion scenes.

(Source) Idealo