Samsung Launching TA750 & TA950 LED 3DTV Monitors in May


Samsung has just come forth to announce two brand new LED 3DTV monitors set for market this may. First up is the TA750 series which comes in either 23- or 27-inch models and features a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, Samsung’s 3D HyperReal Engine and a pair of active-shutter 3D glasses. Port wise the TA750 features VGA, 2 HDMI inputs, 2 coaxial inputs, USB, 2 7W speakers and connectivity with Smart Hub. On the other hand is the TA950 which also features a full 1080p HD resolution, one pair of active shutter 3D glasses the same ports as the TA750 but adds in a super slim bezel and a new color way.

As we mentioned above both of these monitors will be available this May starting at $599.99. More info in the press release after the break.


New Displays Add 3D Immersion and Easy Connectivity to Samsung’s Signature Visual Experience

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, March 16, 2011— Samsung Electronics America Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, today announced the launch of two new HDTV monitors that incorporate Samsung’s proprietary 3D, Smart Hub and ConnectShare technologies into truly unique designs. The Samsung 3D LED HDTV Monitor Series 9 (TA950) and Series 7 (TA750) displays offer a pristine yet versatile viewing environment for the world’s growing array of 3D content, further reinforcing Samsung’s leadership among monitor brands.

“As all the major studios and game companies continue to boost the availability of high-quality 3D content, a 3D monitor will be an essential part of any home’s 3D ecosystem,” said Young Bae, director of display marketing, Samsung Enterprise Business Division. “Samsung’s latest display technologies and designs ensure we will maintain our leadership, not only in the LED and monitor categories, but also in 3D entertainment.”

Picture Perfect, Even in 3D
Since launching the world’s first 120Hz 3D monitor in July 2009, Samsung has reinvented the 3D monitor experience to provide more stunning picture quality and access to a wider array of content options. Samsung’s TA950 and TA750 displays incorporate Samsung’s proprietary 3D technology – 3D HyperReal Engine – which optimizes color, motion and contrast for hyper-realistic 3D viewing. Combined with a full HD 1920?1080 resolution and ultra-fast refresh rate (120 Hz in the 3D mode), the TA950 and TA750 displays are ideal for intense 3D PC or console gaming or for watching action-packed 3D video content like movies and sports.

More than just a PC monitor, the displays are compatible with a wide array of 3D and 2D devices, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, set-top boxes, and 3D digital cameras and camcorders, enabling truly immersive playback on the widest variety of 3D content. Samsung’s latest products also offer boundless 3D content through a feature that converts 2D content into stunning 3D in real-time.

Through all of this, the TA950 and TA750 monitors offer superior picture quality in the monitor industry, whether on 2D or 3D content. Samsung’s new Ultra Clear Panel technology minimizes the reflection of external light, enhancing the color and clarity while minimizing glare. Both the TA950 and TA750 support Photo Accuracy 100%, which provides full 100% sRGB coverage, ensuring the colors users see in real-life are replicated on their monitor screens.

Samsung is the only company to offers a complete 3D monitor solution in a single package. Both the TA950 and TA750 feature a built-in sync emitter that work seamlessly with the pair of 3D active-shutter glasses that come bundled with each monitor. The package also includes middleware to enjoy most popular games in 3D. The new displays also feature two built-in 7-watt speakers that allow users to enjoy the benefits of 3D sound.

Form Plus Function
Designed with style-conscious consumers in mind, the TA950and TA750 monitors – available in 23” class (23” diag.) and 27” class (27” diag.) – feature razor-thin screens and unique designs. “Consumers increasingly expect products that blur the boundaries between art and life,” said Young Bae. “Samsung reflects this desire by providing the most immersive picture quality in both 2D and 3D and by designing our products to be as bold or unobtrusive as desired. Our new designs go well beyond the traditional concept of the monitor as a simple picture box.”

The TA950 features unique and unexpected curves, crafting an elegant shape. Its narrow bezel allows users to immerse themselves in the screen, while the metallic-silver finish and slim, asymmetrical design offer a clean, modern look. All of the circuitry is housed within the display’s base, resulting in a uniformly ultra-slim form factor. The TA750 display boasts Samsung’s signature Touch of Color design, which draws inspiration from the elegance of nature to add softness to a bold, black and silver design.

Both displays take advantage of their LED-backlit technology to reduce energy consumption by as much as 40 percent over traditional LCD displays. Like all of Samsung’s LED displays, the TA950 and TA750 are free of mercury and halogens, making them easier to recycle.

The Ultimate in Convenience
Providing a wide range of connectivity options, the TA950 and TA750 models offer Samsung’s new Smart Hub, which includes:
– Search All, which makes it easier to search for and access desired content, not only on a PC, but across the Internet and on any connected storage, PC or mobile device within the home network.
– Your Video, which delivers video recommendations based on a user’s viewing history.
– Samsung Apps, the world’s first HDTV-based application store, which offers a range of paid and free apps that help people connect to their various passions – whether in sports, entertainment, information, games or social networking.

Additionally, both models include Samsung’s ConnectShare feature which allows users to simply and conveniently connect devices via USB to enjoy instant playback of video, music and photo files without connecting to a PC. Multiple input ports—including two HDMI inputs—allow users to connect up to seven electronic devices to the monitor, while a built-in HDTV tuner can further expand content choices to include live television. The TA950 and TA750 displays both integrate a convenient picture-in-picture function with use of a separate coaxial cable, allowing for simultaneous activities like editing documents or browsing the internet while watching live TV.

The TA950 and TA750 displays will be available as soon as May 2011, starting at $599.99. All Samsung display products are available through Samsung resellers and distribution channels, which can be located by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG or by visiting