Samsung Launches Commercial LCD Displays

Samsung Electronics launches a new line of LCD displays meant for commercial purposes with the DR series. These new LCD displays are meant to withstand the brightest outdoor conditions to properly deliver quality visuals expected by most advertising and promotional needs in demand in the market today.

The DR Series include the following. Prices are indicated as well.

  • 460DR ($3,800)
  • 460DRn ($4,200)
  • 460DRn-A ($19,999)


  • 3500:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1366 X 768 Resolution
  • Full PC- and video-connectivity
  • Integrated network PC with Windows XP Operating System and Samsung’s exclusive MagicInfo Content Management & Delivery solution (460DRn and 469DRn-A Only)
  • Durable, sleek housing with integrated touch screen, built-in air conditioning and protective glass panel (460DRn-A Only)

(Source) Press