Samsung Imagination Icon Series

Samsung has announced the latest imagination Icon series, which is ground-breaking enlightening program. It supports affluent images, sound and state-of-the-art HDTV technology, which will explore Valention’s fervent hunt of flawless design.

The red thread innovative line speaks the story of the valention’s life, career, and legacy. The new icon series is fully packed with the most pioneering features and attract users very much. With assistance of HDMI technology, users can get the chance to plunge them into the display.

"Samsung Electronics is proud to announce Valentino as the first honoree in the Samsung Imagination Icon Series, a program that we have launched to bring consumers an intimate look into the worlds of fashion, art and design," said Sue Shim, Senior Vice President of Global Brand Strategy for Samsung Electronics. "We at Samsung Electronics recognize and identify with Valentino’s endless pursuit of perfection, his ability to look ahead of the curve, his risk-taking and his eye for beauty – all in the name of flawless design."

The Samsung imagination icon series will bring customers a quick viewpoint into the worlds of fashion, art and design without any hassle. The Icon series is indeed amazing and packed with highly advanced capabilities.

Via: Press