Samsung HTZ320 Home Theater Review-A Great Bargain Alternative

Maybe, just maybe, Samsung has found their niche by sticking to the home audio market, I can’t help but wonder.  Because after my encounter with the Samsung HTZ320 home theater system, I don’t have much in the way of bad to say about it.

The Samsung HTZ320 home theater system is a 5.1 channel home theater system with six speakers (one of which is a subwoofer), a single disc DVD player that also upconverts regular DVDs to 1080p, a thousand watts total power output, DivX playback, iPod dock,Anynet Plus, compatibility with a wide variety of disc media, one component output, one composite output, one HDMI output, two audio inputs and a headphone jack.

You can see there’s not a lot here, so don’t look for this to be the hub of an amazing and monstrous home theater system.  But if you just need speakers to hook to your television, and aren’t looking to blow people away with the performance, then you should be pretty happy about this,  The sound quality is really good for such a tiny unit, and will fit nicely into most any cramped space.  The Samsung HTZ320 retails for two hundred and twenty bucks, which makes this an incredible budget solution to your home theater needs.