Samsung HTC5500XAA Home Theater System Review-Another Near Perfect System

Samsung, I love your home audio products.  In fact, I can’t recall the last time I found even ONE product that was less than spectacular.  Seriously–I can’t!  The sound quality is universally spectacular (so far, anyway), but I wish you’d stop taking that as a license to do whatever asinine thing you want with the controls!  And that’s exactly how the review reads for today’s product, the Samsung HTC5500XAA.

The Samsung HTC5500XAA is a 5.1 channel Blu-ray surround sound system with included Blu-ray player that will handle a huge variety of disc-based formats, internet connectivity, wireless speaker capability, iPod compatibility, and an array of built in surround sound decoders.

The sound coming off this one is fantastic, as generally seems to be the case with most Samsung audio product models, but I really hate it when they get all whimsical with the controls, and that puts an unnecessary learning curve on the product, especially for people just getting started with home theater gear.  I’m sure they’re probably just trying for distinctive and maybe even futuristic, but sometimes it’s like using controls designed by the criminally insane.

But still, even at five hundred dollars at Best Buy, the Samsung HTC5500XAA is an incredible system that will handle most any job that’s thrown at it.