Samsung HT-TX500 Home Theater

samsung-ht-tx500-home-theater.jpgSamsung, a renowned name in the field of manufacturing of electronic devices has recently introduced its all new model of home theater system the new Samsung HT-TX500 Home Theater System. Designed to suit every kind of living room this Home Theater system gives a top quality performance. The home theater comes with a DTS surround sound system because of which the system gives a dynamic sound experience. Thanks to its virtual Headphone mode the users can use any conservative headphones normal signals in 5.1 surround sound feel. The five cool and stylish speakers with a power of 1000 watts and their high performance make a real statement. The Samsung HT-TX500 Home Theater system comes in a wireless form which adds to the glamour. There is no word from the company on the pricing and date of availability of the theater system till now. So stay tuned we would be back with all the updations and actions..

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