Samsung HT-C6730W Home Theater System Review-Phenomenal Power

Once again, Samsung has brought a powerful system to bear and done it at a pretty nice price, too–today we’re talking about the HT-C6730W home theater system.

The Samsung HT-C6730W is a 7.1 channel home theater system that offers a Blu-ray player included and an onboard iPod dock.  It’s web capable and boasts fully thirteen hundred watts of power output, which is, frankly, amazing.  It has six satellite speakers and one center channel speaker with a wireless rear speaker module, a variety of surround sound decoders and media compatibilities, a subwoofer, FM tuner, and AllShare technology, which allows you to stream audio and video directly to your home theater from your PC.

The sound quality here is unbelievable–I haven’t actually encountered a thirteen hundred watt system yet that I can recall–and Samsung’s usual squirrelly controls can be somewhat forgiven in the light of the sheer power of this hardware.  And when I said good price, I meant it–Best Buy’s offering this sucker up for a whopping eight hundred bucks, which is actually good given that it’s got a Blu-ray player involved.  That’s about a quarter of the cost right there.

But the Samsung HT-C6730W will, should you listen to it, almost certainly blow your mind open.