Samsung HT-BD2T HomeTheater System

Samsung, an electronic giant, has recently unveiled its new product called HT-BD2T Home Theater System. This newly launched 7.1 channel speaker system is capable of delivering rich and powerful HD surround sound. Enjoy getting the best picture and audio quality on this superb product.

Capable of delivering 24 movie framer per second, Samsung’s HT-BD2T Home Theater System comes sporting an innovative smart design. It supports both Dolby True HD and DTS-HD compatibility for highest quality Blu-ray audio experience. Get nothing less than 1100 W total power output with this interesting system launched by Samsung.

The new Samsung HT-BD2T Home Theater System delivers an amazing 1080 up-conversion and crystal-clear details. To add on it, this system provides superb HDMI connectivity and lets you control all your High Definition Multimedia Interface devices with just a single remote control.

Via: Samsung