SAMSUNG BD-P2500 Fifth Generation Blu-rayPlayer Now Available

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in consumer electronics, has recently announced the availability of its new BD-P2500 Fifth Generation Blu-ray Player. Featuring amazing enhancements like BD Live and 7.1-Channel analog audio outputs, this new player comes with an HDMI 1.3 output along with a xvYCC Deeo Color support.

“The BD-P2500 Blu-ray player represents the very best technology the industry has to offer,” said Reid Sullivan, Vice President of Marketing, Audio/Video & Imaging at Samsung Electronics America. “Consumers will enjoy a truly immersive, Full HD viewing experience that delivers the broad spectrum of high definition sights and sounds that can now be experienced with the combination of Blu-ray and the latest HDTVs.”

Providing you a total BD profile compatibility, BD-P2500 Fifth Generation Blu-ray Player features an award winning HQV processing chip to deliver highest quality viewing of Blu-ray discs. Incorporating a 1GB internal flash memory, this new player is indeed capable of giving you a powerful audio-visual experience.

The new Samsung BD-P2500 Fifth Generation Blu-ray Player is priced at $ 499.00.

Via: Samsung