Samsung Announces Two New Portable Media Players with Pricing and Availability

Samsung, has jumped into 2010, launching many new, technologically advanced and exciting consumer electronics. Added to the innovative list of products, is two new Portable Media Players, the R1 and R0. The players deliver high quality movie and video capability with a superior audio experience, while optimizing for memory space, in two new designs. Allowing, customers easy access to all their favorite music, movies, video and photos. Both players come in 8Gb and 16GB.

The R1 is available in Black and Silver. Special features include -: a clear 2.4-inch TFT LCD touch screen with a “drag and drop” tool, it has video, music and photo playback for up to 50 hours of audio and four hours of video enjoyment. It may be small, but it doesn’t cutback on quality or features, it even includes an FM Radio, Recorder ( including voice recording ) and can also be paired with a Bluetooth TM enabled headset. RRP is $149.99 (8GB) and $179.99 (16GB). Available in April 2010.

The R0 is also power-packed and comes in a small package. Great features are -: a bright 2.6-inch LCD display, navigation is too easy with the addition of tactile keys and is available in Black, Silver and Pink. It plays up to six hours of video and 30 hours of audio. It offers an additional option for expanded memory space with the inclusion of a Micro SD slot. RRP is $99.99 (8GB) and $129.99 (16GB). Available in April 2010.