Samsung 94 Series DLP HDTV

Samsung recently introduced 94 Series DLP HDTV that frees the customers from the mishmash of wires and costly installations which is generally associated with the plasma HDTV on the wall. The latest model will make them comfortable with its all new way of wireless plasma; which is the first of its kind in the US market. Samsung 94 Series DLP 1080 plasma HDTV allows the customers to enjoy movies along with latest in HD technology. The double pronged Samsung’s powerful Ultra FilterBright anti-reflection technology and its new Auto Wall Mount system will ensure that their new HDTV will perfect in their room.

“By allowing the HD signals to travel wirelessly between a separate receiver and the plasma HDTV, installation options increase dramatically, allowing consumers to focus on design and the viewing experience.” With this new technology the consumers can plug home theatre components into the receiver. The receiver then wirelessly transmits the audio and video signals- up to 1080i HD resolution- directly to the television set.

It features a number of connectivity options for easy home theatre expansion including three HDMI 1.3 ports with CEC technology. There is a built-in NTSC/ ATSC/QAM digital tuner where in HDTV channels can be viewed over-the –air. 94 Series plasma models display in Full HD 1080p resolution with Samsung’s Natural True Color with advanced 18- bit processing for deep blacks and more lifelike colors. Along with this the 15000:1 contrast ratio provides rich, sharp images. The True Wide invisible side speaker cabinet design places outstanding picture quality front and centre. The Samsung’s exclusive Ultra FilterBright technology helps the picture to remain bright and lucid even in daylight or bright environments.

Via: Samsung