Samsung 480HZ HDTV Out in September?

Rumors are flying that Samsung Electronics is set to unveil another HDTV this September and it promises to be a tempting one. The supposed latest HDTV is a 400/480 Hz HDTV which will be unveiled at the IFA 2009 consumer electronics fair to be held in Berlin.

The latest offering is said to be a step forward for Samsung’s 200/240 Hz B8000 LED TV. It will carry a higher refresh rate, possibly bidding goodbye to the blurry images consumers often encountered before. It utilizes the so-called BFI/DFI principle. BFI/DFI stands for (Black/Dark Frame Insertion), and means that the TV inserts very short black frames between the original picture frames.

No word on pricing as of now but come September, we may get some info on the actual specs and pricing this latest Samsung HDTV has to offer.

(Source) FlatpanelsHD