Salk HTS Home Theater System

Salk HTS

The Salk HTS home theater system is made up of a series of speakers designed specifically for home theater applications (and music too!) The series includes monitors for right, left and rear channels, a center channel and matched subwoofers. Basically, everything you need to create a true cinematic experience.

 The HTS system offers three crossover options:
– Full baffle step compensation for free-standing applications
– Minimal BSC for up-against-the-wall applications
– Virtually no baffle step compensation for in-wall construction
Just choose the crossover option that works for your particular home theater application. These HTS series speakers can be built with custom cabinets with any woods/finishes you require, however cost is kept down by designing these speakers around pre-built cabinets in Beech, Black, Cherry. Check with the Salk website for more details and pricing quotes.