Saitek Photo Mouse


Saitek Industries, an innovative manufacturer of consumer electronics products proudly announces about its shipment of a completely innovative product the new Photo Mouse–a completely feature full optical mouse which can be customized by printing a desired photograph and placing it beneath the mouse’s see-through cover. This cool new product Photo Mouse from Saitek is an exclusive and highly compact photo frame and can be a real asset for parents, pet-owners or everyone loving to exhibit a much loved photograph and personalize their work-station and can also take the place of a real personalized gift. The users just need to print out a preferred photograph, cut it to the right dimension using the incorporated template and secure it to the mouse just by closing the cover. Once the Photo Mouse is plugged into a PC or a Mac, the photograph gets light up by a white spotlight. This smart Photo Mouse is well-matched with all versions of Mac OS X, Windows XP and Vista. This product can be all yours at a pricing of $19.95 and is available at major retailers nationwide and at

Via: Businesswire