Saitek 3D210 Speaker System


3D210 innovative and stylish speaker system by Saitek can be used with Desktops, laptops and portable audio players. The speaker system provides exceptional sound quality and hence enhances the audio experience with accurate and stable sound stage. Within the stereo image, every sound and instrument is positioned accurately and the result is clearer, richer and enjoyable music. One can position the speaker in the desired place in order to match the PC set-up and room environment. Optimum sound delivery is attained by 3D 210 speaker system as one can use the satellite in any of the three orientations.

The headphones can be connected directly to the 3D210 speaker so the user does not have to go behind the PC to connect it. It comprises of a 10W peak power amplifier, two neodymium drive units and delivers outstanding performance regardless of listening environment or audio source. Room acoustics can also be compensated by adjustment of speaker balance by adjustable bass contour.

Via: Saitek