Saitek 3D 590 PC Speaker


Saitek introduces PC Speaker 3D 590 with exceptionally good stereo imaging and multiple speaker orientation. The high performance audio product with striking and distinctive designs delivers exceptional performance at modest price.

The music is made clearer and richer as every single sound and instrument is positioned accurately. 3D 590 has an ingenious design so that the speaker can be positioned appropriately to suit room environment and PC set up. Optimum sound delivery is achieved as the satellite units can be used in any of three orientations.

For enhanced dynamics 3D 590 speaker has twin driver satellite units. It also has bigger subwoofers for extra bass extension. 3D 590 provides great clarity and fidelity even at high volumes as it is rated at 90W peak power. It also has a wired remote to control volume and bass contour for the ease of user.

Via: Saitek