Sagem Offers Two New HDMI Digital TV Recorders

Sagem HDMI Digital Recorders

Sagem Communications announces its new “top-of-the-range”, HDMI digital TV recorders. These new DTR 67320T Eco and DTR 67500T Eco offer hard drive memories of 320GB and 500GB respectively, claiming recording capacities of 160 and 250 hours. With an 8-day electronic program guide, the PVRs let you record live TV, pause, rewind, record two channels at the same time plus watch a recorded one, in addition to picture-in-picture functionality.

Offering HDMI upscaling, Sagem says the units can improve the quality of your picture to 1080i or 720p. The new products also have a USB transfer function that lets you side-load recorded content onto a USB memory stick, as well as play MP3 files and view pics on a USB stick on your TV. The “Eco” label comes in with the device’s energy consumption of less than 2W in standby mode. The DTR67320 Eco retail for ?149.99 and the DTR 67500 Eco at ?179.99.