Sagem DTR 64160 Freeview Recorder

The Sagem DTR 64160 is not necessarily the device that most people would be drawn to but its impact size and right fit beside or over the usual DVD players you have at home make it a great Freeview recorder to consider. Not only that, it only costs ?100.

It’s not the most beautiful box we’ve ever seen, and it’s not made from a particularly sturdy plastic, but you’re going to put it under your TV, not play football with it. With the digital switchover coming, hardware like this is a great choice for people who want a simple, cost-effective way to record their favorite TV shows.

The built-in 160GB hard drive should see you able to record 80 hours or so of TV, more than enough for most uses. The amount you can store varies, depending on what channel you record most.

(Source) Crave