SADiE, SPARS & AES Sponsor DSD & SACD Presentations

The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) and the Audio Engineering Society (AES) have teamed up with SADiE to host a series of educational presentations a series of educational presentations to inform the audio community and address leading questions regarding the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and Super Audio CD (SACD) audio formats.

The presentations, which began in Nashville on November 7 and run though the end of the year, concentrate on education, recording techniques and applications of DSD and SACD audio technologies. The events also serve to introduce recording industry professionals to SADiE’s new DSD/SACD editing software and the System 5 hardware.

The SADiE System 5 DSD Products
The SADiE Super Audio CD Mastering Editors are integrated stereo (model DSD2) or 8 channel (model DSD8) Super Audio CD editing, mastering and authoring systems. They are designed to record and edit DSD material for creating a Super Audio CD master. They are available as turnkey systems utilizing the same editing paradigm as other SADiE systems and they support links with Philips and Sony Super Audio CD authoring systems.

In terms of hardware, the systems include a Pentium-based host, the SADiE DSP processor, the SADiE stereo DSD processor, and an AIT drive for writing Super Audio CD master tapes. The system relies on proprietary hardware for processing and audio I/O.

Comments from SADiE on the DSD & SACD Products and Presentations
According to SADiE officials, the DSD2 editing and mastering product is now shipping to customers and the DSD8 product remains on schedule for delivery in February. They also tell us that the initial DSD and SACD presentations in Nashville were very well received by audio industry professionals who attended these events.

“With the proliferation of DSD and the Super Audio CD formats, we have been asked on a regular basis – not only by our customers, but by engineers and producers in the industry – to clarify and enlighten the market on the various aspects of working in these new formats,”

stated Gary Rosen, SADiE U.S. vice president.

“We feel these ongoing presentations in association with SPARS and AES are a great way to ‘get the word out’ about DSD and SACD. As the consumer audio industry continues to embrace SACD, we at SADiE feel it is essential to help educate the audio professional, who is on the front line of the recording process, on the benefits and specifics of DSD and SACD. Obtaining this information is essential in the delivery of secure high-resolution audio to the consumer.”

Schedule of Upcoming Presentations
To date, DSD & SACD presentations have been held in Nashville, Boston and Los Angeles. Additional presentations are scheduled in December including the following dates and events:

  • December 3rd – Philadelphia, PA – 6:30 PM – AES
  • December 5th – New York City, NY – 12:30p – SPARS

December 13th & 14th – Los Angeles – Surround 2002 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

All members of the audio community are encouraged to attend these presentations. If you need more information on these events, you can contact SADiE US at (615) 327-1140.