S1Digital CableCARD Enabled Media Centers in the stores


S1 Digital recently announced the immediate availability of their latest Digital Cable Tuners with their Media Center solutions. The latest products are aimed at eliminating the need of cable set top box to watch and record premium high-definition TV (HDTV). This is made possible because of CableCARD. The new Digital Cable Tuners are available on the ProLine Quad Server and FX Editions, along with the Home Series’ Platinum Edition that comes equipped with two internal CableCARD slots letting customers watch and record two channels simultaneously. As far as storage is concerned, the Server Edition comes with an internal storage of up to 3.75 terabytes and the Platinum Edition2.25 terabytes; this means you can store around 250 to 450 hours of HDTV. For those who like watching HDTV in other rooms couple S1Digital Media Center with Xbox 360s and get a powerful but cost-effective IP-based multi-room A/V distribution solution. This also enables a centralized recorded TV, video and music server.

Via: Prnewswire