Russound Acclaim Series Speakers


Russound has launched its innovative speaker lineups along with the opening of their new Acclaim™ line of architectural speakers. These Acclaim 5 and Acclaim 7 series speakers provide the users with new prospects of recital and flexibility.

“Russound speakers have always been an excellent choice for multiroom audio,” said Erik Wiederholtz, Acoustics Engineer for Russound. “But with the introduction of the Acclaim line, we’ve taken our collective experience to an entirely new level. Russound now has an offering that brings together all the features and sizes that installers want, and all the performance and sound quality that their customers ask for.”

The new Acclaim 7 and Acclaim 5 lineups are well designed and can be installed on wall, in ceiling and LCR solutions. The speakers are jam-packed with enhanced value, as well as advanced features.

The Acclaim 5 series executes users with high-end speaker preferences at the most pioneering 5.25”, 6.5” and 8” in ceiling and in-wall designs. Whereas the Acclaim 7 lineup is capable of offering more bass and high-quality efficiency than conformist 6.5 inches designs.

The Russound Acclaim Speakers will reach at the stores by October 2008 and Acclaim 5 series is expected to be available in the market by November.

Via: Press