Runco XP-65DHD plasma monitor

Runco XP-65DHD plasma monitor is Runco’s largest and highest resolution plasma ever. XP-65DHD features 65 inches diagonal screen with 1920 x 1080 (1080p) native resolution. Now the users can enjoy best contrast ratio, brightest picture, and deepest black levels. 16-bit digital video processing technology results in 4096 steps of graduation for seamless images. The XP-65DHD is 4 1/2 inches thin and has greater installation flexibility. The new Plasma TV combines all patent Runco technologies that have come to expect from the World’s Finest Home Theater Products. Some other features of the new 65 inch model are VirtualWide technology, HDMI Digital Video Controller/Processor, 4:3 aspect ratio, ISF (ccc) calibration and RS-232 control.

Via: Runco